- About Our Brand -

About Our Candles


As a whole, Solidly Poured was inspired to create a brand of candles that makes our customers FEEL something. We chose to use all natural products in all of our blends, meaning ZERO, ZILTCH, NADA, percent of paraffin in used in our blends. We care about your health and air quality!

We hand measure and mix our soy blends in house, as well as fragrance and pour! We use wooden wicks because of the soft crackling they make, makes US feel warm and cozy, and we'd like to pass that feeling on to you!

With each candle order, you'll receive a candle care card which will guarantee the extended life of your candle!

Why Resin?


We picked up resin as a crafting idea at complete random because it seemed soothing..and HELL YEA!! It really is! We've created multiple pieces for friends and family, now it's time we shared our new found hobby with you all!

So what is resin? Really simple, it's liquid epoxy or acrylic for lack of better terms. Its really diverse in all the things you can do with it. Our page has some samples of what we can make, but we are also do commissioned pieces, so get wild (within reason) and let us create your one of a kind statement piece today!!