How to care for your new resin piece!

Feels like plastic, looks like plastic, so it's what? Plastic! Well, yea, pretty much! Resin is in the simplest terms harden acrylic plastic. It behaves the same way your kids fisher price toy does, with a little more sturdiness because of the chemical make up of the resin and hardener combination. BUT, as always, you still have to take care of it, and I'm here to tell you how to get the most out of your new resin piece!

If you’re new to my blog space- hi! I’m Nessa and I create resin in form of decoration, functional pieces, and fun silly stuff. I also make candles and am the owner of Trap Apothecary, and the woman behind Dorklite on social media.

So lets talk resin! Most of it, really dependent on the artist and the brand they use, is going to be heat tolerable up to a certain temp. What does that mean? It means that you can put a hot cup of morning coffee on a coaster, but NONE of us would recommend putting your cast iron pan straight out of the oven on top of a resin tray. In the hot GA heat, it can get a little bendy depending on JUST HOW HOT it gets. But, here's some tips for how to care for your new resin peices!

1- Store in a cool, dry place away from direct heat and extreme sunlight. Unless its a suncatcher, or something that's supposed to be outside, I wouldn't suggest leaving your piece on the dashboard of your car. Like anything pliable plastic, resin CAN quite possibly melt under extreme heat, so just use caution with those items.

2- Hand wash ONLY wish mild soap and water. AGAIN- you don't want to introduce these pieces to extreme heat. You don't want to warp or damage them.

3- If you recieve your piece and it's soften due to the heat, bring it into a room temp area, lay it flat, and leave it for an hour or 2. It should resolidify and be perfect! Think of it like a candle! Sometimes you get them in the mail during the summer and their a little weird looking from melting. It still smells fine, its just a little hot from it's journey!

4- Avoid contact with corrosive substances such as alcohol and acetone. Listen- I know we like to clean with bleach. PLEASE DON"T use bleach on your resin pieces. It can eat away at it, and make it uneven. Use a milk cleanser like dawn and itll be perfect!

There's not a ton for this one guys. Just use your brain. These pieces are made by hand, and they need to be treated like delicate flowers. Love them because they were made for you with love. Per usual! If you have any questions, feel free to email me @ You can also leave a comment, cause who knows, maybe you have a question that someone else has! But yea!!! tata for now!!! :)

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