How to keep your candles burning perfectly!

I imagine you're thinking, wtf bruh, what's there to know about burning candles? Light it, let it burn, don't set the house on fire... right!? NAH CHIEF! THERE"S MOREEEEE; and I'm here to get you becoming the ultimate candle owner :) This one isn't SUPER lengthy, but its not super short either. I want yall to get everything you can from this!

If you’re new to my blog space- hi! I’m Nessa and I create resin in form of decoration, functional pieces, and fun silly stuff. I also make candles and am the owner of Trap Apothecary, and the woman behind Dorklite on social media.

So let's talk candles, and candle care. 1st, I wanna say, all candles are not made the same. There's different waxes, different wicks, different vessels (glass, tin, ceramic etc), the types of colorants, the brand of fragrance oil, hell, the WAY THE WAX WAS POURED. These all can affect the way your candle is born, and ultimately, how it should be cared for. Here at Solidly Poured, we use soy/coconut wax in our fragrance candles, 100% palm wax in our intention candles, and a soy blend in our chakra & zodiac line. If you know me, then you know I'm pretty conscious about the environment so we chose to make sure our candles are 100% vegan friendly. ABSOLUTELY ZERO PARAFFIN is used, and never will be. Why?! (That's a whole other blog that will be coming soon).

Okay. So that's out of the way, we can get into how to care for your candle. These tips are pretty generic, so you can use them with most candles (I really want you to have the best candle life you can have, whether its mine or not).

1- Allow enough time for the wax to melt COMPLETELY to the edges of the container before snuffing or blowing out. So this means, try not to light them then realize you have to make a target run and blow it out after 2 minutes. Is it gonna hurt you? eh,probably not, but it can potentially cause tunneling which can make it burn weird later down the line and shorten the burn time.

2- TRY to avoid burning candles for mote than 3-4 hours at a time. I know, I know. You LOVEEEEE the smell of Tiki Tropics. It's filling your whole house, your kids can't smell the blunt you just lit in your bedroom because of it, you just want it to stay lit for the rest of all eternity (may or may not have been tested lol), I get it sis (or bro lol) but YES! Try to blow it out after about 4 hours. Why? Just like cooking oil, it looses its "UMPH" After a while. And to get the most out of you candle wax, you have to give it a little breaky break. Let it re-solidify then light it back up :D

3- Trim the wick down to 1/4" before relighting to keep it burning evenly. This is mainly for wooden wicks (that's us). You can use scissors, nail clippers, a wick trimmer (or if your lazy like me, you can just knock the charred stuff off and tap it into the trash bin *insert yikes face*) Again.. why? Well because burnt cotton and wood don't burn as high of a temp as clean cotton and wood. So to get the most of your burn, it's best to trim it down. Ya know, like that stupid crape myrtle in your yard? Looks real pretty until it gets out of hand.

4- NEVERRRRRR and I mean NEVERRRRR leave a candle unattended and be sure to extinguish it before you leave the house. Most manufacturers say don't leave it in a room alone, but that's the point of a candle. You clean the room, light a candle and move on to the next room in the house. It's just the cycle of cleaning, we're not dumb,we know you're not going to baby sit that candle. HOWEVERRRRR, don't leave it lit when you leave the house. Anything can happen, an earthquake randomly shakes up Atlanta and your candle falls, and sets the house on fire? AHT AHT! Blow that shit out before you go to midtown. It aint worth it! Most candle makers have some sort of business insurance but it's such a pain in the ass for everyone involved, just blow it out if you're leaving the house. Seriously, having to get a replacement birth certificate, passport, and other tax stuff is FUCKING ANNOYING! I'm telling you, it aint worth it.

5- Place candles on a flat, stable surface away from flammable items. Listen, this is common sense, but common sense aint so common. Make sure the end table you light the candle on is level. The obvious is that, it could fall off the table. The unobvious is that it can melt off center, so you'll have wax build up on one side; so when you relight it, it MIGHT burn weird, and that does what?! (Go back to #1), but it'll shorten the life of your candle.

6- lastly, keep put of reach of children and pets. These are precious sources of life and energy, we have to protect these little things at all costs. Don't let them get burnt by hot wax because you couldn't be bothered to put the candle out of reach.

Like I said- These are pretty common take care tips, but I really want you to get the most out of your candle. If you have any questions, you can ALWAYS reach me @ ! tata for now!!!!

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