What Is Resin and Why is it so expensive?!

I get a semi frequent question since I debuted my resin work. And because I love to educate people. I figured I’d answer it right here!

If you’re new to my blog space- hi! I’m Nessa and I create resin in form of decoration, functional pieces, and fun silly stuff. I also make candles and am the owner of Trap Apothecary, and the woman behind Dorklite on social media.

So, the big question and a follow up question is, what is resin and why does it cost so much? Great question to be honest, cause I def didn’t know why these coasters on Etsy cost upwards of $25 when I could snag cheap (emphasis on CHEAP) ones on Amazon. Well Resin is handcrafted art. It takes time to learn your own personal technique, it takes time to find out which resin brand works for you, what molds are worth the price (I have a $15 mold that I haven’t even used yet but I loveeeeee it lol). The product cost alone are ugly.

Then you get into the resin itself. Resin is composed of 2 non toxic liquids (hardener and resin) that when mixed, create another substance that when still wet can cause respiratory issues, and potentially chemical burns if not washed off the skin (i personally burn, but I break out in hives *high key annoying af*) so with that comes a whole other list of things you need to safely work with this stuff. A respirator mask (think hazmat), gloves, goggles or glasses if your eyeballs are sensitive and if you can afford it, the higher range resins that are low or no VOC. Tf is a VOC.?! Yup. I said that too. Looking crazy as hell. VOCs are the fumes emitted when the resin cures to harden via exothermic reaction. (Hell yea public school coming through lmfao)

Lastly we get to timing. It takes anywhere from 24-96 HOURS. That’s up to

4 days if your mix was done right. I’ve had pieces sit for a month and still didn’t set all the way. Imagine making something and not being able to see how it comes out for up to 4 days? And if it’s trash? Can’t use it or you have to repurpose so it’s not a total loss and thennnnn redo the original piece. Dumb annoying.

Whew. It’s a lot huh? That’s not even including extra steps to add crystals or pictures, dried plants etc. So you’re paying a resin artist for their time, for their creativity, for their product, for them dealing with hazardous chemicals, and for the convenience that you simply don’t have to do it yourself.

I hope that was super informative and you have a better understanding and possibly appreciation for resin artists like myself! As always, you can always reach out to me and ask anything @

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